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  • General Anesthesia

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  • Fluid Administration

  • Use of Laser(s)

    We now offer both a cutting laser and a therapeutic laser to be used during your pet's procedure. The cutting laser can be used for all spays and is required for all feline declaws. This laser decreases bleeding, swelling, and healing time. The cutting laser may also be used for other procedures at the doctor's discretion. It is not used for feline castrations. The therapeutic laser is used after you pet's neutering procedure to decrease swelling and promote healing. The therapeutic laser may also be used for other procedures at the doctor's discretion.
  • Pain Medication

  • Microchipping

  • Nail Trim

  • Emergency Treatment

  • Dental Procedures

  • Vaccinations:

    All animals must be up to date with required vaccines to board in our facility. Any needed vaccines administered will require an exam for the additional cost of $75. Any exam, vaccinations and/or testing required for boarding will be done and charged to your account without prior documentation.

    Please mark the needed vaccines and procedures. (Ask a staff member if any questions)

  • We will be vaccinating your pet while he/she is here as indicated above. We want to inform you there is a possibility your pet may experience lethargy and a mild fever for 24-48 hours. This is a typical response. Adverse reactions include severe vomiting or diarrhea, difficulty breathing, hives and/or swollen face. Reactions usually occur within 30-60 minutes from vaccination but can occur up to 24 hours later. If your pet has a reaction, we will contact you immediately.
  • I hereby give my consent and authorize the use of general anesthesia for my pet. Andover Animal Hospital strives to decrease anesthetic risk by doing pre-operative examinations and labwork. In some cases the doctor may recommend intravenous fluids and/or further diagnostic tests.

    There is always risk with anesthesia. Risk of anesthesia can include cardiac or respiratory arrest, rarely causing death. Other possible anesthetic complications can include allergic reactions, vomiting leading to pneumonia, eye irritation or damage, irritation or injury to the throat, blindness, deafness, cardiac arrhythmias, slow anesthetic recovery, seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, coughing, excitement, low or elevated body temperature, and organ damage.

    Andover Animal Hospital cannot be held accountable for unforeseen anesthetic complications or cost associated with unforeseen anesthetic complications.

    I have read and understand the possible complications associated with anesthesia for my pet.

    I understand that my pet is not supervised overnight.

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